Kuma’s Preview of Defiance Open Beta


Kuma’s Preview of Defiance Open Beta

The truth is always out there and as true believers we are always looking up at the stars to see anything that will prove us right. The better question would be, if the truth finally came to light; could you really handle it? In the upcoming MMO Defiance, the world as we know it goes through a huge evolution change that causes a new adaptation. That is right, Earth has we know has gone through a major Terra-forming with Aliens not taking over, but migrated from their dying planet to live with Humans. As we all know that does not sit well with everyone which causes a huge war with the Votans. That part of the story is a bit cliche which leads to both sides living in peace. It is always funny after a huge battle people will get their fill and just chill out to have tea.

Now that we have the background information out the way, it is time to get more in-depth with who you are as you start and what you will be doing. Once you are done making your character, you will begin your role as an Ark Hunter by Karl Von Bach (CEO of Von Bach Industries). This pretty much means you are a merc going around not only looking for superior technology, but also going out your way to tackle mutants and other scavengers around the Bay Area. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the setting is in San Francisco. It will be hard to recognize, but some areas will be familiar to those on the west coast. There is no class system involved, but more of an origin story to choose from and of course the species/gender you prefer. I decided to become a Irathient (humanoid alien species). I never tend to pick a human anyway, because that is my personal preference.

As an Ark Hunter you will be granted certain abilities to make things a bit easier to deal with in the open world. In that you will be injected with an EGO system (Environmental Guardian Online). It is a bionetic implant that will grant you unique abilities of Cloak, Blur, Decoy and Overcharge. There will be sub abilities called perks surrounding those four which you can unlock as you progress. I have level two in Blur and level one with cloak, as well as three perks unlocked which I will concentrate on that only. There is an A.I unit that will inform you of areas of interest and vital intel that will help you progress through your adventure.

The vehicles in the game are very convenient and easy to use. Once you unlock your first vehicle or purchase one in the vending machines around the world or at your current base camp. It is just a simple push on the up d-pad to summon your vehicle at any time. I am usually riding around on my Quad cycle anyway just because the driving mechanics work so well. List of vehicles in the game are below:

A-Tex Growler Pro
Dodge Challenger RT Hemi Orange: With Pre-order
Dodge Challenger SRT8
Duni Shetarru K-Frame
Hannibal 800TR Quad
RM Nomad M4
RM Nomad V6 Red/Black
RM Nomad V6 Yellow/White
T4 Titan
Titan combat utility vehicle

It is all about how the game plays and the enemies you face. It is a mixture of both stupid and intelligent A.I, but keep in mind that this is still just the beta. The mutants are very ferocious while the Raiders have other resources to flank you with. The worst of all are the hellbugs which are the annoying pest of Defiance. These mutant creatures can tunnel underground and cause massive explosions. They have the abilities to spit mud bombs that will slow your movement by sticking to your legs. When the big hellbugs come out, especially the flyers; I would advise you to get to cover and move as quickly as possible.

The weaponry comes in your standard assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenades, rocket launchers, hand guns, shotguns and of course my favorite sub-machine guns. There will be chances to acquire certain elemental weaponry and of course you can modify certain guns to up to four slots. Then you have some of the outer world weapons like the incubator and infectors. I ran into one alien weapon that can drain enemy life or restore shields to my team mates. However I stick to traditional fire power, because that’s the kind of Ark Hunter I am.

The problem I am going to have when the game finally drops is the greatest thing that is going on right now. It has full cross-platform gameplay; which means PC; Xbox and Ps3 players are on the same server either working together or going through PvP (Player vs. Player). However once the game drops that will all stop since apparently Microsoft and Sony do not want to work in such a way. It is ironic because they are supposed to care about consumer interest? It would be shame not to have the cross-play for a game of this nature. I mean it will co-exist with the TV series as well which is a feature that has not been done in a long time. As of right now I am playing in the PvE areas and only dabbled in PVP, but I heard a rumor that there will be pvp cross-platform games that will fuel the urge to expand the world. That is still speculation at this point.

Defiance in itself is like playing in the upcoming show as I go through main missions; there are full cut-scenes to enjoy. I have played through others of the same structure and nature, but Defiance really feels like the MMO I was expecting. If you have the means download the open beta to Defiance right now and check it out for yourself. The reach environments and the amount of game-play to enjoy will be worth it.

That’s it for my preview, so please pre-order Defiance now which will be available April 2nd of this year. If you don’t, you might miss out on all those amazing bonus items, especially the dodge challenger which is shaping up to be a mean machine. In that check out my full review when the game finally drops next week and of course when the show debuts on April 16th. Stay frosty gamers!

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The first thing we worry about when faced with a decision is going into something we love and failing. That is the only reason I jumped in the first place after being given the opportunity by my mentor to be great. Kuma Kreations Entertainment is the idea of what I always wanted to do for the gamer, geek, and nerd community. I am glad I took that leap and I am happy to see the activity from my fellow admins, writers and you the readers. Thank you for stopping by. Stay frosty!

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