Kuma’s Thought on Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hardcore Vs. Core


Kuma’s Thought on Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hardcore Vs. Core

What’s going on, my Call of Duty community? It is I, Kuma here, with another debate that has been going on for a while. Recently I ran into a superior troll on my YouTube page that came out completely off-base about Hardcore being superior to Core. I have to admit I was one of those people telling others to play Hardcore for a real challenge, but as I thought about it through different games, I came to a final thought. It took me a while to weed through people complaining how Core is with too many shots to take down an opponent, but I hardly heard any complaints about Hardcore other than the annoying portion of Search and Destroy where you have to wait until the next match to respawn. It is indeed that time to put this debate to rest and hopefully there will be less scarring involved on how people feel.

Douche Bag

Above is a fine specimen of ignorance at its best, which made me have a second thought on the aspects of hardcore vs. core matches. The video below will show a great game of Hardcore “Kill Confirmed” where a few friends and I made it to the top three and my ending score was 31/19. I have seen better scores across the board, but that’s pretty darn good by my standards. The fact of the matter is– in Hardcore, the kills come a lot easier and faster with two bullets depending on where you’re aiming. To me, in hardcore, I am a lot more careful when it comes to out-in-the-open combat. The video below is a good example of what I mean, and how quickly my comrades and I respond to enemies.

The video you just saw was some kicka$$ hardcore team work going down. Speaking of team work– I asked a few of my fellow COD players to share their own opinion on the matter.

DrNikki of EliteGirlGamers.com wrote,

“They both have their own challenges. Core challenges are more multi-tasking…watching the radar, teammates, looking at the mics to see who is talking and where, accuracy needs to be better because it takes more bullets to kill someone, etc. Watching killcams to see how and why you are being killed also provides a lot of useful tips and feedback without having to really do much. Hardcore involves needing more teamwork and descriptive communication to work as a team. More bullet damage means you don’t have to be as accurate, which is both an upside and a downside in where people can move from core to hardcore easily, but people moving from hardcore to core tend to do worse because it’s more overwhelming for them than hardcore. Hardcore is much more quiet and calculated, as where core is a lot going on which requires quicker thinking.”

I agree with Nikki because when it comes to shooting at an opponent, in core you need to have your sights steady since it takes four shots to down an opponent–well, at least that’s the theory. You know how some of us have that problem where we lay in a full clip on an enemy and they just do not die? It comes with the territory, I suppose. In hardcore, you don’t really have that problem. I usually use short burst in a hardcore match, never needing to hold down the trigger to take down my opponent. I am always turning into a team player in a core match since I have a lot more intel to work with in terms of having a radar and the kill cam letting me know how I was killed. In all these factors it is as if you have your own military intelligence giving you a play-by-play of the battle to better control the situation. I direct you to a battle in Domination in which I teamed up with the Ranga crew:

Serafin Santiago Jr. would like to share his thoughts,

“I believe Dr. Nikki has said it best. I can’t disagree with that assessment at all. Al-tho the challenge of both is multi-tasking, it should also be mentioned that the actual game itself should be assessed as well (Ex: TDM vs Domination). Team based play can be, in and of itself, the most challenging aspect because of the inherent disproportion of a “level playing field”. Unless you are going in with a team, if you jump in to a game solo then you’ll have to work alone. The concept of team work to alot of gamers online is lost if you don’t really know your teammate, who supposedly “has your six”.

At the end of the day, I have to admit that Core is indeed a challenge vs. Hardcore since it is more challenging to defeat the opposition. I see it just like how I play a racing game with a rear view mirror which I tend to take off while I drive for less of a distraction (only racers know why). In a hardcore match you have less to worry about– you just focus only on the area itself. There are no radars to worry about if an enemy is around and no kill cam to taunt you on how you were taken out. The less distractions means your team has too look out for one another and you have to depend on your on score streaks to give you the upper hand. If anything, I would suggest either a UAV or an Orbital VSat to aid you. On the other side, in core you will definitely need to add some perks to your character and need a bit of attachment aid so you can steady your aim or reload faster. There are a lot more frustrations and so many of your enemies get away with luck, dodging your shots, or taking in a lot of hit marker damage. Hardcore becomes a lot easier after a few matches in core.

I would like to hear your opinion on this matter, so please share your opinions and constructive thoughts. In the mean time you can check out my twitch.tv/kumakreations page for more live streams in different games through the weeks to come. I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay frosty, gamers!

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  • DrNikki

    I also agree with DrNikki. :)
    Nice post, Kuma!

    • http://www.kumakreations.com/ Kuma Baity

      Drnikki agrees with herself lol.

  • Hyaah

    In my opinion no hardcore is superior. Everyone says there is no weapon balance but thats not true you will find that just like in core certain weapons are more op. hardcore challenges you to make the more challenging move to advance where as in core you can peak around corners and not worry about getting your head taken off. Its all personal preference but let me ask you this every new player started off playing core right? Why is that? Its because core was made to bridge the gap between skilled players and not so skilled players if you will. Noone started in hardcore they built up skill in core then transitioned to hardcore. Strategy and map knowledge along with various other things really come into play in hardcore its not a contest of who can “strafe and jump more often but more of who can do those things at the right times. Core just offers players to mich help. Hardcore makes you rely on nothing but skill and technique. Sure people spray and pray and get lucky but if your truly skilled you can avoid all the shooting through walls and camping and the other non skillfull parts and you can learn to adjust and be better

    • http://www.kumakreations.com/ Kuma Baity

      I say yes and no on that one. I started off on Hardcore because I was told about the realism with a one shot kill. However, both have their benefits. Hardcore forces you to be quicker and responsive when playing, while Core does give you that feel of safety and a lot more time to think before you act. You make good points.

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