Kuma’s Preview of Crysis 3 Beta Ps3


Kuma’s Preview of Crysis 3 Beta Ps3


The Crysis 3 beta is now live for both Ps3 and Xbox 360, if you have not downloaded it I would suggest making some space for a 1.4gb download. I went through the first game with some high hopes, but failed kind of short in the end, however there is not much to be said for this beta, because it is only for multi-player. There are two modes for you to try out which are crash down and hunted. The “Crash Down” mode can be compared to domination or hard-point where you control an Alien pod that crashes in the area. Once the timer is finished, a new pod will appear on another part of the map. The second game is called “Hunted” where you are in a group of regular soldiers being hunted by the nano-suit warriors. The objective is to survive and that pretty much screams for everyone to be a camper. I stayed in one spot the whole time and won the match. If you die as a soldier you will become a hunter who is equipped with stealth that is always on and a hunting bow. You will still have all of your regular abilities which gives you that extra advantage, but you will still have to find those soldiers.

Crysis 3 will be out February 19th and on day one there will be a hunter edition that will include the Predator Bow as well as Feline X3 submachine gun. This is all through amazon and as an added bonus you will acquire the original Crysis with your pre-order as well as a $20 promotional credit towards other amazon items. It sounds like a sweet deal to me, but go online and download the demo for yourself; if you enjoy it head on over to Kuma’s aStore to pre-order your copy right now. I hope you enjoyed this preview and be sure to check back for more as things develop; also check out my twitch.tv/Kumakreations page to see the game in action. Stay frosty gamers!

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