Kuma’s Review of 2013 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition


Kuma’s Review of 2013 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

As gamers we try to prove to the world how awesome we are by either performing great moves or challenges while playing video games or being the best in the culture through collections. Many of us show our strengths by performing well in ranked matches or showing off my vast collections of all things gaming wise. Hells even I still have certain Sega Genesis games for example the original maximum carnage red cartridge, but there are those that go above and beyond all others. This is why the fine folks at Guinness have been acknowledging these great individuals in the industry as well as the consumer. The find folks at the Guinness World Records were kind of enough to send me their new sixth edition to celebrate the best in interactive entertainment and as I scrolled through the wonders of people’s achievements, the gamer in me could not help but to think, “Dang I know I can beat their score!” So without further delay please enjoy the content!


In each page of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition holds a segment for each genre by touching base on crowning achievements from developers as well as the gamers. I was shocked to hear some of the speed runs through certain titles and even screamed out, “BULLS**T!” on the train as I read, but I will share as much as I can, but there is too much awesome to put into this post alone.


The world has changed so much as we know and the entertainment genre has evolved to a more interactive field because gaming has become big as movies and in some cases better. I went through this book thinking there was going to be some goofy achievements or weird stories of things that gamers have done, but I was mistaken. The first up in the book was a gentleman by the name of Brett Martin who is the owner of the largest collection of video game memorabilia. This gamer started with his first collectible at the age of eight years old with a model of Super Mario in 1989, but now 23 years later his collection is filled with over 8,000 items. The rarest of his collection is a Mario inflatable which was one of Nintendo’s earliest marketing items. In the picture below you will get the idea, but frankly I think the industry should give him a sponsorship for his dedication in their products.

I remember a time when a lot of people used to think that gaming was a waste of time and could never make you money, however I have made some funds in many tournaments, but not as much as this FPS guru. This is Will “BigTymer” Johnson (US) and he is the highest-earning Call of Duty player. During his tour through the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit; Will has made $135,000 from four different COD titles between 2009 and 2012. I bet your parents would start investing time in your gaming if they knew that your skills could gross you that much income to pay for your own way through college! Here is a speed run that made me go, “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!” from a gamer named Oliver “TheLongshotLegend” Smith from the United Kingdom who completed Call of Duty: Black Ops in just 2 Hr 54 min 28sec. He is only 19 years old and beat the game on the recruit difficulty. This one is for the Metroid fans out there where William “Pirate109″ Tansley (UK) beat Metroid Prime in 1 hr 7 min only making 15-20 seconds of errors during this run. He is only 22 years old and his strategy was to place bombs strategically on the floor and switch to “morph ball mode” to use the explosions for high jumps.

To give props to a great composer and my boy Fernando would be mad if I didn’t mention him because this man has brought us Video Games Live and if some of you do not know of this great concert of live performances of video game titles; please do yourself a favor and YouTube them. Tommy Tallerico if you remember him on G4’s Electric Playground made in the book for Most Prolific Videogame Composer and shares his top ten compositions from his favorite game titles. This genius has worked on over 300 games and founder of Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) which is a non-profit organization for gaming audio professionals. I would suggest checking that out if you are into making music for games. If you are interested head on over to Audiogang.org and become a member, maybe one day I will hear your music in a game.

Now here is where I bring in the gaming “lovey dovey” stuff of Gaming Weddings. Many of us who are that geek think maybe in the future about getting married and how it will turn out. I for one would not mind having a Street Fighter Wedding. The first is from my favorite game series where Desirai Labrada and John Henry from Florida had a Halo themed wedding with Master Chief as the Spartan to wed them both. This couple met over “xbox live” when Halo 2 released and boom hit it off since. I give them credit for naming each table that the guest sat at named after game maps. The guest also received purple candles in the shape of Halo plasma grenades. This is the crowning achievement after the newlyweds shared their vows, they had a bride vs. groom Halo tournament in place of the first dance and their honeymoon was a visit to Bungie Studios. That is one of the perfect weddings.

I love it when I hear a gamer actually becoming a character in real life and do not mean someone becoming a Super Sayijan! I am talking about a gamer who became a professional race car driver from playing one of the best known racing simulators Gran Turismo. Jann Mardenborough from United Kingdom won the 2011 GT Academy, which was set up by Nissan and PlayStation to find the best GT players at the chance to drive a real pro racing car. Jann was only 19 at the time when he won making him the youngest GT Academy winner, who now has an international racing license and drives for Nissan. That is an epic when to make a fantasy into a reality and if you didn’t know some DMV’s actually used Gran Turismo to help drivers take their test. Then you have a young lady who took on a retro classic and owned it! I am talking about a 13 year old named Leyla Hasso who has the most Super Mario Kart Records. That’s right fellas be jealous of this gamer’s kart skills. However Jose Karica of Panama holds the record for going through Mario Kart Wii on “hard” difficulty in 1hr 7min and 9 seconds in one single sitting run!

The only downside I have with this book is some of versus matches they have for certain game characters. I tend to have a problem with certain versus because they hardly make sense and having Nathan Drake vs. Big Daddy made me go, “Huh?” or Master Chief vs. Dante from DMC (2013). Then you have a few others like Boss from Saints Row the Third vs. Niko Belik from GTA IV or Nathan Drake vs. Prince of Persia; now that is a fight I can see, if the Prince fights without the stand that is.

I stated earlier there is way too much to put into this post, but the Guinness World Records 2013 Gamers Edition is available now which you can check out at the side bar on the amazon search or Kuma’s aStore to pick up your copy which goes for $9.58 which is not bad at all. If you are not sure yet this is a BUY! and you will enjoy each post in the book. This is Kuma and special thanks to Sara Wilcox and the find people at Guinness for giving us here at KKEnt the opportunity. Stay frosty gamers!

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