KKEnt’s Review of DMC


KKEnt’s Review of DMC

The first thing that was on a lot of gamer minds was, “What the hell did they do to Dante?” Now mind you this was before anyone had touched the game at all, but that is the world we live in of judgment before trying out the product. That’s why I was glad to try this out myself and I will let my video review speak for itself, so please enjoy.

To be clearer I found this reboot to be more than I expected, because I will be honest that I was not a Devil May Cry fan, however I felt more comfortable with this title. In general the classic Dante was corny to a point where I switched to the Japanese language because it was a lot better to listen too. This Dante has a better more juvenile voice actor and is I am not cringing every time he speaks. The demons are of the same nature, but with a lot more depth and attitude to them. There is a strong hatred towards who you are and what you plan to do; that kind of drive in a beat’em up is needed for a game to keep gamers interested. This is a story of growth and you see the transition when things get serious and Dante starts to show that he cares about things a bit more than he let on.


In terms of the graphics, there is a big improvement; however they kept the barriers to keep you enclosed in an area for obvious reasons. I was not annoyed with this feature this time around because I really didn’t notice it as I was too busy concentrating on the enemies to care. In the old titles you have the big red face door and that is stuck in your peripheral vision thinking about that damn door being there. In many of the areas in the new DMC, the developers give you a lot of room to move around and I thank them for that.


The combat is intense and I love the smooth transitioning of my weaponry to get off the right combos. It is a learning process with some of the moves, but each can be tested out before you purchase. DMC gives you a well detailed tutorial for each new move you acquire and to test beforehand. This is the perfect display of using the balance of heaven and hell to your disposal.


The only problem I had was in terms of jump mechanics and aiming for the platforms. The camera is not as bad, but still has the problem of giving the enemies the advantage of hiding off camera view, but it is human error at this point if you do not chill off one enemy to get your surroundings together again. I usually ten to stop showing off to get my footing back in order, because I realized that I have some uber bad guys in the area and I am too busy concentrating on the minor enemies. The reason for you to switch so much between weapons is more than just the style points, but because some enemies need special tools to break down their armor. The witches for example are blue and have a force shield around that can be used to help out her companions. You will have to use your Heaven weaponry to break through the barrier and then finish them all off with style. Both can be used to gain distance to either pull yourself or the enemy into you.

Is it worth it? That would be a yes, but will you enjoy it? That depends on your ego and to keep an open mind. The game is not bad at all and I think you will have fun. DMC is out now for Ps3 and for Xbox 360 for $65.31, as for PC it goes for $54.43. It is time to make the demons suffer once again so please hit up the aStore to purchase your copy and check out my twitch.tv/kumakreations page to see me play live. Stay frosty gamers!

Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Capcom
Hard Drive Space: 2.6GB
Music: Custom Soundtrack
Features: Leaderboards
Players: Single Player
Rating: M-Mature
Platforms: Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC
Kuma’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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