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Kuma’s Preview of Crysis 3 Beta Ps3

The Crysis 3 beta is now live for both Ps3 and Xbox 360, if you have not downloaded it I would suggest making some space for a 1.4gb download. I went through the first game with some high hopes, but […]


Kuma’s Thought: Arcades How I Miss Them…

There is always this nostalgic feeling I get when I run into a broken down machine some where as I walk around NYC. I either walk pass a factor and find a wrecked arcade machine and this time it was […]


Kuma’s Review of 2013 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

As gamers we try to prove to the world how awesome we are by either performing great moves or challenges while playing video games or being the best in the culture through collections. Many of us show our strengths by […]


KKEnt’s Review of DMC

The first thing that was on a lot of gamer minds was, “What the hell did they do to Dante?” Now mind you this was before anyone had touched the game at all, but that is the world we live […]


KKEnt’s Review of Batman: Dark Knight Returns Part II ::Spoiler Free::

They say that age comes a lot of experience and as warriors who get old, we tend to end fights early. At a younger age it was all about showing off and making your opponent feel weak, but you get […]


KKEnt’s Import Preview of E.X. Troopers

As a young gamer I was all about the import titles, especially later on with the Sega Saturn and PsX systems. In general they were just better than the North American versions and the one I remember the most was […]


KKEnt’s Preview of Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage 2 Demo

How far will your rage take you? Kenshiro is a man driven by love and betrayal as you go through the violent world of Fist of the North Star, which in my opinion did a great fan services to anyone […]


KKEnt’s Review of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Some Spoilers are too be expected so read at your own risk! I know many of you had a problem with the ending to Mass Effect 3 and Bioware was nice enough to give you a free change to the […]


KKEnt’s Review of Solomon Kane

How heavy is your soul? Some people walk this Earth everyday either with the conclusion that their soul is already damned so they might as well do what they feel, while others try to live a more benevolent life following […]


KKEnt Playthrough Perfect Ending Black Ops 2

Watch live video from kumakreations on TwitchTV So today is January 2nd and I decided that I want to get the perfect ending in Black Ops II as well as build an audience playing Veteran Mode. I hope you all […]