KKEnt Happy Holidays Race Fans: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Review


KKEnt Happy Holidays Race Fans: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Review

It is now after the holiday’s ad we are coming close to the end of the year. I received a few gifts this year since I was such a “good” bear and one of them was Need for Speed: Most Wanted the 2012 version which was made by Criterion who brought us the Burnout Series. I was skeptical at first because it had nothing of the original elements that many of us enjoyed and of course none of the customization that I loved so much from the 2005 title. They even took away the ability of shutting down squad cars. Did this title with the same name actually make an improvement from the 2005 version? Keep reading to find out!


This time around the British developer made a more open world, but simple racing game where they eliminated actors and a story element and gave racers a no face driver to find other cars and race. There is nothing wrong with making the game a bit simpler in terms of a main objective without much personal glory involved. What I mean by that is in the 2005 version there was a personal theme towards the game where your rival sabotaged your car, which forced you to lose it and having to start over. My friends we call that a plot with an ambition to win element and that gave us all the joy to take down each rival to get to the top. There is no feeling really and you just drive around with no real emotions or challenge from the drivers trying to take you out or Sh*t talking you to piss you off. I enjoyed that of the older title, because even though they were just in game sprites, they still had a personality. The cops do have personalities, but mostly protocol in terms of trying to take you down, no real anger or rivalry there either.

FYI I will be back and forth with the pros and cons of the game.

Is the action still intact? Yes it is and that main factor is keeping me glued playing this whole time. When it comes to an arcade racer and the combination of the burnout developers; there will optimum performance in crashes and speed. Most Wanted will do its best to make sure to test your reaction time and quick thinking when you are going over a hundred mph with cops constantly on your tail. The race also tends to throw in a few quick turns and if you down lay off the gas at the right moment while hitting that E-brake, you might slam into the wall pretty hard!


This is an open world game, so it means that you will be sight seeing a lot looking for other parked cars to add to your collection. That is cool, but having the car lot with the money you earned while street racing was a lot better. The “Most Wanted” feature is a bit weird, but not as complicated, because it goes by what you accomplished to earn a chance to race against a most wanted car that you will have to take down to add to your garage.

The police in this game are pretty tough, but not as ruthless until you get to level 4 and that’s when things get semi interesting with the rhinos. In the past it never took that long to get things interesting and especially accumulating points for property damage. I loved that the most having to cause property damage in order to get more races and of course when you get busted; they have a whole cut scene of the cops dragging you out of your car to arrest you! Honestly this is just a world full of transformers with a hologram human in the car just arresting other cars and you are the Decepticon it seems breaking the law.


After all that I have said, you are probably wondering what keeps me playing? Well race fans it is the autolog which first started in Hot Pursuit and has been a part of the NFS series since. The autolog is the best feature they have created to keep players heated with rival fury. I don’t know why they took away the personal messages when you demolished your friends’ score, but it is still a nice thought when they get home or wake up to see that I beat their personal scores. In the same fashion I enjoy getting online to see my scores were beaten and that drives me to bring the pain!


All right I said a lot of pros and cons throughout this review and I am kind of an a balance with my final review. I will give it a “BUY!” and for good reason. Besides not being anything like the 2005 version, it is still an enjoyable title and I would suggest sticking with one car that is your favorite until you max it out and just move on to the next. I did find a certain car parked that I thought I could acquire, but apparently it was a ruse to get me to purchase in store content. I detest things like that for the simple reason it should be hidden and not fool me into believing that I can add it. I know it is a marketing ploy, but and it is not the first time, but I just don’t enjoy it. The Autolog feature in this title really keeps me interested in going back to Most Wanted and checking out the most wanted boards; which I am climbing pretty quickly. I would definitely say this is a game for the racer in your home and there will be unlimited rivals as well as challenges to deal with.

I hope you enjoyed this review and please have a Happy Holiday as well as a joyful New Year. Stay frosty gamers!

Developer: Criterion Games
Publsiher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing, Open World
Rated: E for Everyone
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Ps3, Android, Kindle Fire, iOS, PsVita
Modes: Single-player, Multi-player
Verdict: 3 out of 5

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