KKEnt Game Play Preview of God of War Ascension


How far does your rage take you? How far are you willing to go when vengeance is the only thing on your mind? For Kratos, that question will never cross his mind because Kratos has always been fueled by his own rage. For many years we have had the pleasure of taking down human adversaries, demons and of course the gods who started this mess in the first place. In Ascension, which is slated to release next year will be featured as a prequel to the entire series. This story is taking place six months after he was tricked in murdering his wife and child. The question is that even went on in my head is, “How will this be different?” Well I will leave that up to the preview video below.

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It was a short demo, but it was definitely enjoyable and the combos are a lot more intense. It is always weird to see so many great improvements to Kratos combat skills and this being a prequel to the whole entire series. I hope you enjoyed this quick preview and be sure to check back for more information as it develops. God of War Ascension drops March of next year. Stay frosty gamers!

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