KKEnt’s Preview of Mad Catz New Range of Street Fighter® X Sanrio® Products and Accessories


KKEnt’s Preview of Mad Catz New Range of Street Fighter® X Sanrio® Products and Accessories


There is nothing like waking up to see an e-mail about new products to go with the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise and if some of who are new to X Sanrio; prepare to be amazed. It was announced yesterday in San Diego Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. that there will be a new line of Street Fighter ® X Sanrio products and accessories. The X Sanrio company is the makers of Hello Kitty who have decided to do collaboration with famed Street Fighter characters for this special occasion. The first time I ever seen this combo was in a cosplay of Hello Kitty as Chun Li, which was too darn cute for words. In this month it will be the 25th anniversary which is just in time for a lot of products and also information of a free PC download which I will talk about later.

Mad Catz has been one of the top companies to bring in unique and artistic accessories and products to the tech community, especially with their game pads. The first thing I will bring to your attention is their Street Fighter X Sanrio FightStick PRO. This is a tournament edition fighting arcade stick for both PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game entertainment system. This same “Muscle Car” features since it was manufactured by Sanwa Denshi and featuring a ball-handle joy stick as well as 30mm buttons to favor the Vewlix arcade cabinet configuration.


Key Features:

  • Officially licensed Street Fighter x Sanrio designs
  • Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi™ joystick & buttons
  • 8-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality
  • Premium-quality components with genuine arcade layout
  • Controller lock/unlock switch prevents accidental button presses
  • 3-way switch enables joystick to function as left or right analog stick or D-Pad
  • Integrated headset port for use with Xbox LIVE®
  • Connects to Xbox 360 Console via lag-free 13ft (4m) USB cable/Connects to PlayStation 3 system via lag-free 13ft (4m) USB cable
  • Storage compartment for efficient cable management

The fight stick is fully compatible with major fighting games naturally, but here is a list anyway for the Capcom community.

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012
  • Street Fighter X Tekken ver. 2013
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • and other fighters outside of capcom!

Street Fighter™ x Sanrio® Arcade FightStick will go for $159.99 US and $169.99 Canadian and is available now from the Gameshark store. I know many of you already hopping on this opportunity and probably already heading to certain spots to get your mod on for that more enhanced experience when you battle in person or online. However the products do not stop there, because the fine folks at X Sanrio also have apple cases for you I-pad and I-phone five users.


It is a cool and cute design to customize your apple devices, but unfortunately only features a hello kitty version of Chun Li and Ryu. However I hope they bring out more characters for more variety to the consumers. I would be interested in a DLC of said characters if at all possible; I mean I can’t be the only one thinking it. The I-phone 5 cases will go for $34.99US and $39.99CA; as for the I-pad cases they will go for $44.99US and $49.99CA. I guess it si costly to look that cute, but I hope you enjoyed this post and before you go, Capcom has decided to give something amazing away for Free to fans.

First up if you are a PlayStation Plus member you are eligible to download Super Street Fighter IV AE in the PlayStation Store for Free this week. I know freaking awesome, but WAIT THERE IS MORE, however I will let the video below explain it best.

I am just done right here because that is amazing for them to revamp Mega Man in such a way. I thank you all for checking out this preview and please hit up Mad Katz Facebook page for more information for the latest information for events and products. Stay frosty gamers!


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