KKEnt’s Preview of Sacred Citadel Facts Sheet


KKEnt’s Preview of Sacred Citadel Facts Sheet

If you are a fan of the Sacred series then prepare for this prologue story of Sacred Citadel which will be a direct download to PSN, PC and Xbox Live Marketplace. In this prologue you pick three warriors to battle an evil planning to enslave the peaceful world of Ancaria. The lord Zane and his Ashen Empire plan to wage a war against the Seraphim with his modified orc henchmen called the Grimmocs. It is up to you to either fight alone or with a few allies to battle this evil and save your peaceful world. Let’s hope you have the courage to stand a chance.

Key Features:

  • Fast-Paced Action- Intuitive gameplay with thrilling attack combos, weapon combinations, dual wielding and 4 complementary hero classes.
  • RPG Elements-Unprecedented levels of depth in a brawler, including stat leveling, quests, collectibles, items, money, weapons, armor, potions, side missions, towns, shops and a night and day system.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer Mayhem- Local and online modes with up to three players and instant drop-in/drop-out capability offer epic battles with massive amounts of enemies and clever tactical combat interaction.
  • Engaging, Rewarding Gameplay–Each level provides a stat summary and grade for each player, encouraging friendly competition among co-op companions.
  • Beautiful Side-Scrolling 2.5D Graphics- Citadel utilizes a captivating and unique visual style consistent with the Sacred universe, along with sophisticated graphical complexity among side-scrolling brawlers.

I love the side scrolled brawlers and you will have several playable characters to choose from, such as Safiri Warrior, the Ancarian Ranger and the Khukuri Shaman. This RPG style brawler will have you on edge and team work is key when each of the classes will have specific abilities to help you battle through the evil of Lord Zane. Sacred Citadel will be released sometime next year, but for now be sure to check out their facebook page for more information Sacredworld FB. In the mean time please check back for more information as it develops and have a happy holiday gamers!

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