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Surfjafo Thoughts KKEnt Exclusive: Under (and Over) Fire

Closing out this year will not be an easy time for gamers. Our time is occupied with many things in life…jobs, relationships, and games with levels that at times can be cumbersome to manage. But once again, we have come […]


KKEnt Happy Holidays Race Fans: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Review

It is now after the holiday’s ad we are coming close to the end of the year. I received a few gifts this year since I was such a “good” bear and one of them was Need for Speed: Most […]


KKEnt Game Play Preview of God of War Ascension

How far does your rage take you? How far are you willing to go when vengeance is the only thing on your mind? For Kratos, that question will never cross his mind because Kratos has always been fueled by his […]


Kuma’s Review of Karateka HD Remake

What makes a man? There are many different versions to what people today believe a true man is, however the ways of the gentlemen is dying out by each year, because of those that misunderstand a man’s gesture. In Karateka, […]


KKEnt’s Preview Update: Van Helsing Into the Wild Gameplay Trailer

This is the latest trailer to the upcoming PC and Xbox live Arcade game coming from NeocoreGames. This game-play trailer will showcase glimpse of Borgovia’s challenges in the wilderness. As many of you know the tale of Van Helsing is […]


Kuma’s Sexy Time: Comic Book Relationships And Why They Would Work!

Hello fellow comic book lovers and deviants. If you are going to sit there and say that you never thought who would be a perfect match in the comic book universe because you thought it was a waste of time, […]


Preview of Last Of Us Annie Wersching as Tess Motion Capture

The latest video showing acting and motion capture of Annie Wersching as Tess in The Last of Us. The developers of the famed Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted series is coming strong with this new adventure in a post apocalyptic setting. […]


KKEnt’s Preview of Mad Catz New Range of Street Fighter® X Sanrio® Products and Accessories

There is nothing like waking up to see an e-mail about new products to go with the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise and if some of who are new to X Sanrio; prepare to be amazed. It was […]


KKEnt’s Latest Preview of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Gameplay and Bootcamp Trailer

Good Morning and welcome to this preview of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, which I assume that many of you already tried out. I finally acquired a copy of Zone of the Enders HD Collection which is out now for PlayStation […]


Kuma’s Review of Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus

  I will confess something fight fans, Kuma sucks at most 2D fighters. I do not understand it at all and it frustrated me for a long time until Guilty Gear entered my life and my mind was blown. In […]