Kuma’s Review of Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed


Kuma’s Review of Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed

A Bit of Extra Information:

As we all know when it comes to a themed racer there is a sort of nostalgia and of course some people try to compare to one of the leading kart racers. I say do not confuse the two because this is not a cart racer, because they are actually using cars. The one thing you should ask yourself is why in the world is sonic in a car in the first place? I just believe he is trying to be a good sport, but if there is pedals in his vehicle instead of him going all Fred Flintstone, then he is giving them way too much of an advantage. I still feel that Sega knows what it is doing when making fun and interesting games; they tend to think outside of the box to keep gamers like me interested.

The stages are all memorable from Genesis to Dreamcast and of course present day. Even though a lot of these characters are not seen anymore and many of you younger gamers will probably ask who or what a Golden Axe is. I believe you will see passed that and enjoy the visuals as you race through each level. I will at times when I crash, I am too busy being amazed by the animations going on and of course Sega is known for having an awesome soundtrack to boot.

In terms of unlocking the characters, you will have to fight through the hardest difficulty to earn as many stars as possible to get through many of the modes. In the A class races you will have to obtain a first place rank no matter what and there is possibility to rage through the races. I have not unlocked everyone, but it is fun going for the gold and checking out each area. I am amazed they added Wreck-it Ralph to the mixture, but I will stick with Knuckles until I max him out.

In the end Sonic and All-star Racing Transformed is a BUY! This is a great gift for the holiday season especially for the Sega fan in your household. The game is all around fun as well as challenging. The characters all have unique power-ups and play styles, but I wish they kept Shadows motorcycle from the first game because his controls are horrible. The best vehicle transformation is the plane for obvious reasons and there are ways to acquire while driving on land; it is up to you see that special power up. The game is priced at a reasonable $39.99, but try to go for the bonus edition with metal sonic and an extra out run stage. I hope you all have a great Turkey and please check out this title which is out now for iOS, PlayStation 3, Nintendo WiiU and Xbox 360. Stay frosty racers!

Title: Sonic & All-star Racing Transformed
Developer: Sumo Digital
Publisher: Sega
Release Date: November 18th
Rating: E- Everyone
Genre: Racing
Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Kuma Kreations Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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  • MartinB105
    Nov 22, 2012 @ 2:38 am

    Why do the reviews of this game never mention how terrible the framerate is!? People should know that this game feels sluggish compared to Mario Kart Wii. There’s no excuse for such poor performance, since this is running on PS3 and doesn’t even look that great.

    • Dec 28, 2013 @ 14:17 pm

      Frankly speaking I didn’t experience that at all, so it could of been just you.

  • Nov 22, 2012 @ 4:16 am

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have Vanellope and her car. I mean she’s in a kart racing style game called “Sugar Rush” in the movie! WTF developers?

    • Nov 22, 2012 @ 10:38 am

      You know you have a great point and she is cute, but this is not considered a kart racing game, They are using actual vehicles unlike in sugar rush or Mario Kart. I believe thats why they didn’t use her


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