KKEnt’s Thought: Partners in Games. The Good, The Bad and the WTF?


KKEnt’s Thought: Partners in Games. The Good, The Bad and the WTF?

It comes to that one question and it is, “Would you battle forces solo or with a partner?” I’ve been experiencing this sort of gaming starting from the 80’s till present. There has been a big transition from playing two player on one screen to now which almost every game can be played privately together in different rooms. I believe it is a lot safer now because when your player 2 or 1 does something really stupid you can just knock them over the head with the controller or tell them to leave! That time is still there, but on a rare occasion. I am here to talk about those few times where it was good, it at times turned bad and other times made me go what the f**k you doing?

In many cases I like to start with the WTF of the situation and certain people come to mind when things hit the fan. However this does not mean that necessarily we lose; it actually means you question the partner you have and the troll things they do! There have been times where as a team we have won matches and still made no sense how when we all are screwing around! The catch is, even though you hear us bickering, we ended up still having fun and ending the boss fight. There is another buddy that acts the same way which we were both taking the role of a super soldier in the Halo series. A Spartan named Banta who had the gift of crashing every single vehicle in the game no matter what the situation. He is that bad of a driver; it would be the equivalent of someone burning a bowl of cereal just by pouring in the milk. However as bad as he was behind the wheel, we still had victory in many battles. I have to say though sometimes the partners I get sound like nagging wives half the time male or female! Enjoy the Resident Evil 5 example below.

The Bad:

Pretty much self-explanatory where at times we just get that jerk or troll that feels the need to ruin the whole game and go full retard. There was this time on Reach playing a a four player co-op campaign and instead of enjoying said game, this particular person just kept trying to do a certain glitch which made us die so much that we just booted him. I get it, you found something amazing that the developers didn’t catch and you want to play around with it. However the first thing you should ask yourself is, “How is this going to help out my team mates or is this just a waste of time?” In the end that said person usually gets deleted and then a nice visit from a local buddy followed by a generous punch to the arm. I call these select few the “Leroy Jenkins Experiment”, because even though they admitted it all was a set up. There are those that feel the need to mimic his skill of being an agent of chaos for fun. I remember the first time I ever raged quit was playing contra on the NES and it was my cousin and I. The first problem was neither one of us could put in that Konami code and secondly bickering over getting each other killed. It is a learning experience, but it comes with the territory I guess.

Finally The Good:

In all of that I did have many great experiences with my good buddies. The first I have to say is Phatboislim, who truly understands what it means to have his partners back in situations. If there is a co-op game out there and need the best of the best I would consider him to be on your list. I have a few ladies that I have to add to this list to one in particular DrNikki who taught me how to play better in military shooters. In Modern Warfare 3 I was taught to use the proper weaponry and the exact tactics to use while playing. Then there is my bro Mechanic who technically we were the dynamic duo in DC Universe online. In many of the missions you always need a partner to get through the DC areas, especially when you have to deal with the Two-face/Penguin mission. The world of the MMO is all about trusting your buddy to play his or her role in helping out the team. In the video below I am teamed up with a Rookie Jay Ar. A would be descendent of Krypton having trouble dealing with Sinestro, enjoy.

I will admit, at first I wanted to talk about some of the three different experiences with having a co-op player. The case turned into a learning exercise, because in gaming there is a major trust exercise that people don’t seem to see. This is a hidden lesson where you can learn. In my observation throughout the years of how people act shows in both the real world and in the gaming world. It is the same when you play a team sport and know that you can count on said people to play their part when needed. In the good area of this post are the people I truly trust to chill with and go into battle without a problem. In the end there are people that you are willing to wait in the lobby for and then there are those you rather team kill just to end the match. If you have story about your best, worst or wtf situation with a teammate feel free to share.

On a side note I have created a new youtube channel dedicated to all of my gaming only, so please feel free to subscribe at this link: KumaKreationsEnt Youtube. Stay frosty gamers.

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