Kuma’s Thought on New COD Policy and Difference between Trash Talk and Just Being An A**Hole!


Kuma’s Thought on New COD Policy and Difference between Trash Talk and Just Being An A**Hole!

The world of COD begins a new as tonight is the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and this time around we have a more futuristic story plot that takes place with the previous protagonist son. I know everyone is excited to get on tonight and rank up to get their prestige before the end of the week, but before that the nice people Treyarch want you to know about some polices that will get your account permanently banned and unable to play the game online. Now certain individuals of the gaming community are already in an uproar about these policies because they feel it is putting a leash on their “Fun Game Nights” and not realizing their actions are turning people away from online gaming. I have talked to certain few that responded to my question on this matter of Trash Talk vs Verbal Abuse in the online gaming world. So without further delay, let’s get this started.

First thing I want to touch base on is the idea of both Trash Talking and Verbal Abuse, because there is a difference. If anyone has had a proper trash talk session, it rarely goes out of bounds. It is meant to dis an opponent’s skills and their gamer level on top of that boasting about your own skills vs. theirs. That is all good and can get bit aggro at times, but can also turn into something funny. However a line is crossed once it gets racial, sexual and other forms of verbal abuse. That is the thing that makes people despise going online to venture out or just muting their microphone. I do agree there is a level of toughness you need to be in order to play online, but when it gets ugly that’s when a select few step up to stick up for those that just want to have a great time. Here are some of the policies that Treyarch as line up for Permaban.


  • Modding/Hacking
  • Pirated Content
  • Unsupported Peripheral Devices & Applications
  • Boosting
  • Glitching
  • Offensive Behavior
  • Offensive Emblem


In that list is all good reasons for anyone to get banned and their will be certain time frames, but the main ones for permanent ban. I had a talk with a few fans and this is what some had to say.

” I don’t think it’ll hurt it, I think they’re doing everything they can to make sure the online experience doesn’t get hurt. Reality being, since we’ve started going online, the attitudes that people are portraying are that of untouchable…physically that is. We all know of and have dealt with people going overboard with their language and, worst of all, the hacking. I think what this is really showing that those who are higher up the “food chain” are finally feeling the effects of both of those situations. So before the situation gets so bad that people start avoiding online multi-player (again which is what makes money for everybody except for the user), they’re going to try their damnest to hold people accountable for their actions. It’s online policing for the greater good. As long as it doesn’t extend itself past what it’s meant to do, I don’t think its a bad idea.

DrNikki Elite Girl Gamers FB:
“I am all for this policy. Honestly, it shouldn’t even have to be said, really. I just hope this doesn’t get out of control. Where does the line get drawn? I just want to make sure I know, so I don’t trash talk too hard!”

Janée Magee:
“What about punishing boosting? That’s on their punishable offences. I think it should be punished because it messes up the game/match for everyone else. I don’t think that they will go after people for their language. I think it is mainly for verbally abusing and harassing other players. They may have someway of recording what we say that we don’t know about, IDK, but some people don’t leave it at verbally “trash” talking, they message it as well & that could be used as proof. I am glad about the one for offensive emblems, because that’s just immature.

Kevin Chen:
“I agree that there is a difference between the two, but that grey area makes it really hard to incorporate such a system of banning.”

Cortezya Williams:
“Im just waiting to see how this goes im ok with trash talk but harrassing people being just plain ignorant using racial slurs thats what gets ridiculous honestly the harrassment for being female doesnt bother me cuz its funny…. you kno being female leading in COD is hilarious and amusing sometimes… I hope they can get this hacking under control cuz it got ridiculous the last month..”

Sebastian Marler:
“I like how finally they are going to permaban any glitches or hacks used online. Maybe it will knock sense into people’s head hey let’s not be a D bag and cheat.”

Treyarch, we are on your side with this even though it is a tad bit late. The fact that something happened and I agree with surfjafo that it finally started to hit corporate pockets. It opened your eyes to abuse that is going on. I know many of you other gamers out there that enjoy that kind of game-play and yes you have the right to be a complete asshole that finally got brave since the internet was invented. I recall someone once saying to me, “If you can’t handle the abuse online then you should not be on here at all!” Well now I say this, if you can’t handle the consequences of your abuse then stop being a complete ASS!

Tonight is the release and I am heading out so I hope you all enjoy Black Ops II and I thank the fans of KKEnt for sharing their thoughts with us. Enjoy the video below and stay frosty!

Video Provided by Treyarch

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  • Nov 13, 2012 @ 23:18 pm

    well…this is dumb…why permaban a customer when you can just redirect them to their own kind a la max payne 3 besides that trash talk and harassment are the same thing you you dont know the person. This just feels like a big plea to draw attention to an already bloated game.

    • Nov 14, 2012 @ 1:49 am

      No it is not the same thing. If I attack your skill without having to make it personal by talking about your family or lifestyle. If anything goes beyond that especially sexual preference or other, then that is just me performing a personal attack upon you.


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