Kuma’s Preview and Thoughts on Skyrim Dragonborn DLC


Kuma’s Preview and Thoughts on Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

This is the third downloadable content coming from Bethesda Studios and this is the DLC that all of you will be drooling for, except for our PS3 brothers who have yet to get one piece of these amazing content. I really feel like Stewie from Family Guy reading to go to Bethesda and beat them down with a golf club because I really feel like they are ducking the PS3 fans. Is that what it is? You ducking us man, because we are feeling pretty foolish since the PS3 is technically a tech superiority compared to the other systems. I know many of you will argue that factor till you’re blue in the face, but come on Bethesda, is it really that hard to give us the dlc? This one is going to be a slap in the face since you can see in the trailer below that you will be able to mount dragons. So I say again, WTF BETHESDA?

The latest Dragonborn Skyrim DLC does not have a release date as of yet, but does not mean you should not be drooling over awesome trailer which features a glimpse of the old Dragonborn risen again. We all knew from jump that we were not the only ones or the first to have the ability; however I think many of us that are not able to mod the system like some of the lucky ones on PC can now ride the dragons. I am curious on that choice since many of us go Shang Tsung on dragons for their soul power. I did get enough into the game to learn the truth about the dragons talking with the eldest of dragons on top of mountain.

There is much to catch up with Skyrim and now I am forced to get a new Xbox 360 so I can start over to enjoy the DLC’s that are already out. This one will be my favorite out of the three and I wish I could be in my werewolf form while riding, but I will leave that up to the mods on PC. Either way whatever problem that Bethesda is having with the PS3 version, but in the meantime keep an out for when the Dragonborn DLC drops. I hope you enjoyed this preview video and please share your thoughts on the situation; I would love to hear how you feel on the subject.

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  • Bethesda rocks
    Nov 7, 2012 @ 15:33 pm

    This fk*** writer has not done his fk*** research you are completely stupid, “PS3 is technically a tech superiority compared to the other systems. ” Yeah, maybe the game cube or ps2. I am so happy ps3 users are getting this kind of treatment from Bethesda. I love you guys!! :D

    • UnderPrivlidged
      Nov 7, 2012 @ 23:40 pm

      Wow. You write like a child, and attack the author for proper facts? Bravo kiddo, you made it to the top of shit-heap.
      First up, Ps3 not only has a more powerful (and properly allocated) GPU and CPU, it also has faster RAM on the Phat model than 360, the Slim and New Slimmer have even faster RAM at the same size. Even better yet, you like that we get this treatment? Well, means less money for Beth-soft, so you have less of a monetary cock to shove down you obviously waiting gullet. Welcome to KKE, “Bethesda rocks” population: your mom getting gangebanged by people smarter than you. AKA:6.25 billion, you dumb piece.

      • Gdr0107
        Dec 2, 2012 @ 9:03 am

        Ok, well if either of you truly knew anything about either system you would know that they have pretty much the exact same specs. Same RAM same core, same HD capabilities, same vector units per core, literally everything is the same. If your debating between which system is better then there is no true winner. It all depends on the person playing and what games he wants to play. And to all the Ps3 users and others who are wondering why Bethesda takes so much longer to release DLC for Ps3, its because you don’t pay for online. Xbox 360 users pay for their online, meaning they pay for more privileges, some of those being getting DLC sooner. Sorry but thats the truth, eventually when Sony makes PS3 users pay for online you will get them at same time. Until then you’ll either have to get on a different console or just wait.

        • Dec 5, 2012 @ 2:54 am

          Not what I mean but I get what you are saying. However this is taking too long for a DLC to come to PS3. The systems are not technically the same especially with failure rate and disc drive which is why Xbox uses two multiple disc vs. one disc on PS3. Two games came out on the same system and I hardly see DLC taking this long to come out I mean one will get dlc ealier than the other but we are almost out of the year and still no annoucement on when it will be released.


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