Kuma’s Thought: Kartos Not Likable? Say What?


Kuma’s Thought: Kartos Not Likable? Say What?

Hey there friends and welcome to this segment of Kuma’s Thought and today while doing laundry I was reading my Game Informer issue #232 and was on the topic of the new God of War Ascension. I want to clarify that this will be a subject on two topics and the first will be about what Papy said about the attitude that he wanted to portray to fans of Kratos. I honestly feel I might piss off many of you but frankly I just wanted to share my thought on the subject as a fan of the God of War series and I hope you understand or if you feel differently please leave some constructive criticism in the comments area. Without further delay let’s get this party started.

In the Game Informer #232 page 71 where they talking about God of War Ascension Todd Papy states, “The way God of War 3 ended, Kratos was an a**hole, He wasn’t a very likable character. Whereas God of War 1 he was ruthless, but there was still a side to him that you could relate to. That was something that I wanted to get across again, and I felt the best way to do that was through a prequel.” Now for those of you that have not played any of the series, Kratos has gone through some harsh situations and a lot of betrayal. The first was being manipulated by Ares to kill his own family and his brother, as well as many other people. He was made into the new God of War, but was betrayed again, so in my opinion I was fine with him being an a$$hole in the end of the series. I don’t know who Todd talked too, but I didn’t hear anybody in my circle state that Kratos was unlikable.

In that I like to point out that I never really saw Kratos as a Hero, Anti-hero or villain. He was just a bada$$ fighting for revenge and if anybody got in his way, well they will have a very bad day. I understood his anger and nothing else matters when he is trying to get retribution for what has been done to him. I mean how would you feel if the ashes of your family were painted on your body? Now Papy, made Ascension to clear some things up as a prequel to bring back an idea of Kratos, but if that is true it makes me kind of eerie on obtaining this version. It kind of feels like he is fishing to extend the series somehow since it technically ended with part 3. On that in my circle we were wondering what the angry man would do now since pretty much kicked everyone’s butt all the way to Olympus and back. I mean he practically has to become a hermit since he pissed off everyone known to God, demon and man alive. I am done on that topic…

The second topic is about prequels and in this case Ascension and his reason for making it. Now I understood Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus which both were great prequels on the PSP. The new features in Ascension will have you be able to disarm enemies and use their weapons against them as well as holding on to said weapon until you find something better. There is also a new feature called “Life Cycle” which simply means you can stop time or slightly reconstruct what was once destroy to work in your favor. I love the joke against PETA not liking the game as well because the enemies will be mostly animal demons and since PETA already b*tched about Mario’s fox suit, it will be hilarious how they will react to slaying demon FICTIONAL animals. I feel pretty satisfied with the series and some prequels feel a bit dragged on and with the added multi-player feature would be a shining example to keep it in play. I mean for us Spartacus fans the multi-player is welcome, especially where we can beat the crap out of each other in brutal fun, but I am at meh.

In the end I just want to tell Todd Papy that he did a great job with the series and whoever told him that Kratos was unlikable is foolish. I like him, especially his appearance in Mortal Kombat and I know a lot of other people like him. If anything I would do a story on his brother and his struggles to get free from Hades that would be a nice prequel to be titled Ascension, which would lead to Ghost of Sparta /strong. If I may suggest him protecting his sister in law and niece from demons of the underworld why Kratos is causing havoc in the living world. That would be an interesting game to play which would cause him to be in a state of trouble when Kratos finally finds him.

I want you all to take this as me giving praise to the series as a fan and to clear up to Mr. Papy that even if Kratos is a jerk and very angry…he is pretty cool and hardcore to many of us and I thank you all for understanding; please feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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