R.E. Umbrella Corporation Infiltration -Episode 2-


R.E. Umbrella Corporation Infiltration -Episode 2-

Disclaimer: Capcom has nothing to do with this, strictly a fan fiction of my own inspired by the hit game Resident Evil. I just wanted to do this for fun while waiting for RE 6 to come out, enjoy!”
Thursday 5:48 am….July 19th

Previously -Episode 1-

After leaving his saviors Kuma decides to go on his own and find his way back to New York. On the scene, overlooking East portion of LA, trying to find means of transportation.
Kuma: “Hot as all hell out here and each corner is swarmed by zombies and on top of that the smell from the heat of their corpses is killing my sense of smell like crazy. I need to find an army surplus store quick and resupply. (Kuma notices the sound of gun fire to the north) It seems to be a party going on…tsk tsk, no one invited me?

(In Thought) I didn’t realize how long I was a human lab rat until I picked up the first newspaper and the year nearly floored me. I can’t believe I have been under for five years and I am not even sure exactly when the outbreak was let out. I am getting closer to the commotion; maybe I can interrogate this person, if they survive.

(Kuma leans over the building and to his surprise it is a young female backed up to a tricked out S14 with the top up. Ironic and screwed up to have car trouble in this situation, but oh well another statistic. As Kuma turns away he hears some cries in the car of children and of course the cliché feeling to help strikes his nerve.)

*Kuma leaps off the ledge and grabs a hold of the fire escape, jumping from edge level until he lands hard on the concrete floor behind the horde. The crash attracts the zombies and without hesitation Kuma pulls out Beretta Px4 Storm and lays down headshots on each aggressor.*

Young Miss Glares: “Who the F**K is that?” (She shakes off the question and takes a moment to reload while checking if the kids are okay. She notices the Zombies on the other side breaking through the window. The young miss closes the hood, flips over and set off a steady shot laying out two of the undead.)

Kuma: “If you have enough time we can box them in and finish this fight right now, but please try not to shoot me with that cannon of yours in the process. (Both unload shells into each undead bastard closing the gap until we are back to finishing off the final group. It worked out good in the end until I felt the barrel of her gun in the back of my head…)

Young Miss: “You smell of Umbrella…WHAT’S YOUR NAME AND RANK SOLDIER?” (She cocks the barrel letting me know she is not messing around, even though I just saved her ass…)

Kuma: “No Rank, just a vagabond passing by and saw you needed assistance…*peak at the corner of my eye* (Kuma flips in a quick 180 spin disarming the young lady and aiming his Beretta between her eyes, but a flash back kicks in of a whole document file on the young lady downloads into his brain.)

Erika Pascual, Age 25. First started in the Umbrella Special Ops unit at 18, ranked top of her class, however had a slight discipline problem with her other classmates. Did a year of suspension for an assault charge on her commanding officer, but soon charges were dropped once it was surfaced of his sexual advances with other cadets. There is no other information about her family only this one document of a bombing in her neighbor of an enemy attack, but evidence came up inconclusive. The two kids in the car can only be identified as her siblings but that information is also inconclusive. End download…

*Kuma awakes from the flashback noticing Ms. Pascual trying to release his death grip on her shot gun.*

Kuma: “You could just ask me to return your weapon you know?” (Kuma releases his grip and moves towards the vehicle) “I am kuma and you can consider me one of Umbrellas test tube experiments that was freed on good behavior…I guess” (Before she could say her name Kuma interrupted.) “So, Ms. Pascual, where are you headed on a nice day like this?” (Of course that made her raise her gun back up at me)

Erka: “First you explain how the hell you know my name? What the hell are you to be able to fall from a building and gave in the ground?” (Has she stands on the other side of the car checking on the two kids a Zombie jumps from behind ready to take a chunk out of her, but before she can turn a knife wisp right pass her face cutting a of her hair sticking right between the eyes of the Zombie. A little before impact Kuma rushes not but a second behind the knife grabbing another zombie slamming its head into the pavement crushing his skull wide open.)

Kuma: “I think it would be best for us to get off the street before something….” (Before Kuma could finish off that sentence a Humvee comes and knocks him a few feet away. The driver peaks out.)

(His partner looks with shocking eyes at Kuma sitting up cracking his arm back into place)
Dontay: “Yo…YO HE GETTING BACK UP! Yo Erika get in the car no….” (Kuma ends up on the passenger door pulling Dontay out of the holding him up in the air.)

Chris: ”Kuma…is that you?” (Chris is surprised and Kuma looks back with the same shocked face, but Dontay takes the time to knee Kumas wrist freeing his grip and throwing in quick jabs into his lower body which seems to have no effect. Kuma grabs him by the face making him kneel down, but Erika comes between the two.)

Erika: “Easy fellas, I think this is not the right time to be fighting, especially since all of our noise is attracting unwanted company!” (The party looks around and see a few glowing eyes in the alley way, so Erika takes the kids and put them in the Humvee grabbing all of her supplies. Dontay jumps into the passenger side and Kuma hops into the back and they jet from the area.)

*Introductions are in order as they race off and Chris starts off even though Kuma’s memory already had kicked in on downloading what he had of Umbrella employees.*

Chris Guzman is an Ex Umbrella Air Force Pilot who was grounded after dumping his cargo and crew over the ocean. The real story behind that is he was supposed to infect a small village somewhere in Africa but him and his partner decided to claim engine failure dumping the soldiers and package over board, but they were found out was dishonorably discharged from duty. Chris and his partner opened up a flight school in Las Vegas, teaching people how to be stunt pilots. He is a good family man with a baby on the way; however this was the wrong time for this kind of thing to happen for a newborn to come into this world.

Dontay Thomas was his partner in crime during the Africa incident and stuck with him sense, even though he suggested turning the plane around and dropping the Virus onto Umbrella itself, but he was later executed from duty when trying to steal and release the anti-virus to the public. It is said that God was truly on his side because when they blew up his home, he survived being blown out within his tub. He stayed dead and reborn with a new Identity and ended up being a book keeper at the flight school, but secretly they both were starting an underground Umbrella rebellion after an Agent named Alice first escaped and started the fight against the corporation.

Funny meeting some friendly faces and thanks to umbrella for putting whatever in me to give me these abilities, but I am not yet ready to tell them all that I know from the experiment that Phoenix filled me in on our last encounter, especially about something called the Nemesis 2 project…I need more answers and find out what the hell is up with this C-Virus chatter that keeps going through my head….End Transmission.

Link to Episode 3:-Episode 3-

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