Ascend: New Gods E3 2012 Xbox 360 Exclusive Teaser

There was not much going on in the teaser to explain what you will be doing in Ascend: New Gods, but luckily I am that kind of gamer to do some digging. The game will feature a hack and slash dungeon crawler that will favor the style of Diablo series. When you start off you pick your champion and whatever alignment you choose will determine the God you will follow. There will be three alignments of Dark, Light and Void so pick and choose which one you want to deal with in the long run. In addition to this information apparently it is an online game that is not online. They pulled a Fable 2 by having other players are seen as ghost in the world where you can see them battle doing their own thing, but you will not be able to do a true co-op experience. It is a bit confusing because you will be able to heal, give items and even attack their enemies to help them out, but they will gain the loot and experience, however you will get rewarded some way. I am going to wait to get more information, but in the meantime enjoy the game-play footage below, stay frosty gamers.

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